Atoll Food Futures (AFF) is a three-year (2022-2025) multi-country project funded by the Australian Aid and implemented by Live and Learn Environmental Education in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. The project hopes to improve food production using various methods, with an emphasis on local knowledge and community-based soluns. Building upon the success of previous projects, AFF promotes tradinal farming pracces and ulizing new technologies to encourage a robust and diverse strategy to food security. This work also includes training with households, community members, and stakeholders on agricultural skills and nutrients.

The project themes are:

1: Sustained use of affordable water efficient technologies and designs

The AFF project concentrates on climate-smart agricultural soluns to food security. This theme focusses on rolling out a mix of technologies appropriate to each country to support food producon and consumpn.

    2: Local food economies with consistent input supply chains

    This theme addresses supply chain issues for fill materials (for Food cubes and other garden technologies) and seeds needed for climate-smart agricultural soluns to food security.

    3: Improved diet quality

    Improved diet quality largely focuses on designing resources and educaon programs (a key part of the project to date), designed to promote healthy eang with the youth.

    4: Increased consumpon of locally grown foods

    To improve the self-sufficiency of local food producon this theme focuses on improving the supply and distribun of produce, as well as cal market systems.



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